Run a Workshop!! Call for Presenters

Call for Presenters – you should consider running a Wilderness themed workshop – yes you…

Facilitation of workshops

Have an wilderness themed idea, skill, interest or experience that you would like to share? The Spring Workshop Weekend is an opportunity for you to facilitate a workshop of your own creation and design!  This weekend is run by all of us. Get involved What skill can you help people develop? What stories would you like to share? What Workshop can you run? As long as it connects with our themes, Nature, Adventure and Wilderness we would love to hear about your workshop ideas

Workshops – Get Involved

What workshop could you offer next year?

Ideas include:  Packing and equipment in the outdoors, emergency first aid, planning a canoe rout, backcountry cooking and fires, maps and compass…

Examples of past workshops:

One Pot Recipes

Discover new tantalizing menu options for the trail. Create exciting meals in one pot, suitable for the campfire or over a portable stove. Wet your palate with this delicious workshop.

Wild Healing: The Wilderness as a Healing Place

Come and join us for an interactive and inclusive discussion about how the Wilderness has helped you, or others you know, heal mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. We wish to facilitate a relaxed discussion centered on how the wilderness has contributed to our wellness and how we can continue to grow/heal within wild, green spaces.

Sharing the Magic of Wilderness: Accessibility in Action

After an exciting summer addressing accessibility in wild spaces Beth plans to challenge our limited definition of what a ‘wilderness tripper’ is. In this unorthodox workshop Beth will discuss how to facilitate wilderness trips that integrate folks with social, cognitive and physical disabilities. Be prepared to participate as this workshop will focus on group discussion and role playing.

If you have any ideas or questions please email