Philosophy of the Spring Weekend

Philosophy AnnThe wilderness women’s network weekend is a time to get together with other women interested in the area of women and the wilderness. The weekend is open to all women who identify as women and it is about being together and sharing space and time. The weekend is UNIQUE in that WE ARE ALL THE ORGANIZERS OF THE WEEKEND– no one is in charge of the events. Women in the network present all the workshops, and all food is bought and created by us. If you see something that needs to be done or might be a great addition to the weekend, you can just do it, invite it, build it, create it. We all make the weekend happen by being together in one place and it has a way of working magically. This weekend is a brilliant opportunity to get what you need, at your pace, in your way. Workshop presentations are a great perk of the weekend but participation in them is voluntary (except one food prep OR clean-up slot and one wee chore for the weekend).